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We are proud to share with stories of our seafarers who successfully built up or still builds their career with us. If your story is not here You are more than welcome to send it and we will place it with a great pleasure.


Stories of our crew can be found below:

Captain Ganak Sergeywith WELL Co since 2001

I started my carrier as seaman in 1993 in Novorossiysk in one small Russian company on dry cargo ships where I became a second mate. Then I worked in two Greek companies, also on dry cargo ships, particularly on reefer vessels. I was not completely satisfied with provided salaries and standards on board the ships.

There were no other European hi-standard crewing agencies in Novorossiysk who offered the vacancies on dry cargo ships (only on tankers). And all this time I was trying to get the job on tankers like the most of Novorossiysk seafarers. But without tanker experience crewing agencies refused to give any possibility to get the job even for lower rank.

Then luckily in December 2001 I got an invitation via local agency to go to Riga to WELL for interview with crewing operator of English Company - Zodiac Maritime Agencies. It was a surprise and the only way out to break through the local circle. I passed the interview with success and got a job as second mate on reefer vessel. I found what I was looking for. Since that time I feel myself satisfied and fully satisfied with Well Co. I always felt a support and professionalism from them.

Since 2007 I am working on car carriers. With assistance of Well Co I gradually was promoted and finally became a Master in 2009 when I was just 35. After splitting the Zodiac I remained in Zodiac Maritime. I never had intentions to change Well Co or Zodiac Maritime. Well Co takes care about their seafarers.

Zodiac Maritime has many advantages like good salaries with annual increase (salaries were never delayed), real  promotions, pension program for seafarers which really works and good standards on board the ships.

Capt. Ganak Sergey

Captain Jevgenijs Kratuls with WELL Co since 1997

At the dawn of my sea officer’s career I was inclined to explore all my options and thus moved around quite a few companies, working with general cargo and container vessels. In 1997 I joined WELL Co.

And in 1999 I received a call from WELL that Zodiac Maritime Agencies were recruiting for their new container fleet, which back then had just started to grow in the company.

I passed the interview and was accepted as a second officer on board of ZIM Ravenna 1, a 3000 TEU container carrier, which back in the day was considered a rather big vessel. I joined the vessel on November the 4th, 1999 and my Zodiac career had begun.

It’s hard to believe that 14+ years has passed since that moment… My personal career had its ups and downs, brighter and darker periods, challenges and moments of joy. But that first contract in Zodiac (for the first time,) made me feel that I had finally found the place, where I belonged. I didn’t want to move anywhere else, explore any other options, or search for better offers. All of a sudden I realized that I wanted to stay in the Company, because it was a representation of stability, reliability and the growth possibility, which I had been looking for. And through all the years with Zodiac this feeling only has grown. I made my career from a 2nd mate to a Captain and have been working as a Captain for almost 11 years now. And I have witnessed the Company’s impressive growth through all these years.

Long story short, my advice to young officers, who are trying to build sea career: if you are looking for possibility to grow in the company and with the company, Zodiac Maritime Limited may be just the place for you.

Capt. Jevgenijs Kratuls

Captain Khrypov Timofey with WELL Co since 2001

I have graduated “Kaliningrad Maritime College” in 2001. From my classmate I heard about Zodiac -“Zodiac Maritime  Limited” Company with large fleet and positive reputation.

Most of companies employ experienced seamen, so to get into was a great challenge. In 2001 I sent my application to many different maritime companies, from several interview invitations I have chosen WELL crewing company.
Interview itself was great, difficult but great. In few weeks WELL announced a positive reply from Zodiac.
My Zodiac career started in 2002 with deck cadet training program on a new at that time Car Carrier fleet.
Working with Well and Zodiac is an unexpendable experience, exciting challenge and self-motivation.

During all these years I felt support, assistance and participation from WELL crewing company. Faithfully Yours,

Capt Timofey Khrypov

Chief Engineer Kravchenko Sergey with WELL Co since 2001

I mastered a profession of the seaman in Novorossiysk Marine Academy since 1988 till 1993.
In 1993 I have begun my sea career on position of the 4th engineer in Novorossiysk shipping company, working on oil and chemical tankers.

After nine years, in 2001, I have received the invitation from the crewing company "Well Co." to work in Eastern Pacific (ex Tanker Pacific). My dream was to get into such company.
My first contract at Tanker Pacific passed onboard of m/v "Amoy" (product tanker) as 2nd engineer.
In 2007 I became the Chief Engineer and worked in Eastern Pacific till 2013.
At 2013 moved to Zodiac Maritime LTD, where I successfully work till nowadays.
Throughout my work I have always received support and assistance from the staff of the crewing "WELL Co.".
Crewing "WELL Co." is a company for honest and responsible sailors who love their work and dreams to build a career and to dedicate it to the sea.
Here is an advice for young officers, based on my own experience: I would recommend to fight for the right to work in the such companies like: Zodiac Maritime LTD and Eastern Pacific LTD, because they provide a guaranties of stability, reliability and career opportunities.

Faithfully Yours, C/E Kravchenko Sergey

Chief Engineer Nikolichev Alexanderwith WELL Co since 2000

I remember the day when I applied to Well Co for Cadet’s Rank. It was far back in 2000. I had a feeling that this interview should become a milestone in my further career. 

I was impressed by professional approach of Well Co Staff during tis interview that passed in smooth and respectful manner. Shortly after the interview I got a nomination on developing Container Fleet of Zodiac Maritime Agencies and joined as an Engine Cadet. 

While my schoolmates were changing Companies almost every year in order to find permanent employment, my career with Zodiac Maritime Agencies were flourishing under the constant supervision and support of Well Co Staff. I am excited by their professional approach in selection of Seafarers, pre-employment process and traveling arrangements for me and my Family while joining the vessel.

In 2013 the fleet was divided between Zodiac Maritime Agencies and Eastern Pacific Shipping (ex Tanker Pacific Management) and I was transferred to the second one. I am proud to say that I was nominated as Chief Engineer in charge of delivery of modern container vessel “Hanjin New Jersey” - the first newly built Container Vessel in Eastern Pacific Shipping.

I have started my sailing career with Well Co when my son was a school boy, and now he is also part of Well Co Seamen Family and works as a 3rd Engineer in EPS Bulk Fleet. I would recommend Well Co and their Principals - Zodiac Maritime Agencies and Eastern Pacific Shipping as a stable, professional and great places to work. Well Co is an organization where every Seaman can realize his full potential in pursuit of personal and organizational excellence.

C/E Nikolichev Alexander

Second officer Ralle Antonwith WELL Co since 2008

I have started my career with Well Co in 2008 as AB on a Car Carrier fleet of Zodiac Maritme Limited.

Same time I continued my studies at The Admiral Nakhimov Naval Academy.

In 2010 I have graduated academy and applied for Navigator Diploma, afterwards I completed deck cadet training program in Zodiac and became an Officer.
At 2013 I was transferred to the Tanker Fleet where I successfully continue my carreer untill present days as a 2nd officer.
Over the whole period of my work with Zodiac via Well Co I always felt support and assistance.

Well Co as official representative of Zodiac Maritime Limited provides me reliability, stability and new career opportunities.

Faithfully Yours, 2nd Officer Anton Ralle.