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By this I agree that SIA WELL, registration number 40003065371, 45/47 Elizabetes Street, Riga, LV-1010, hereinafter referred to as the Company or us, will process my personal data.

What kind of your personal data we process and why?

Your personal data will only be processed in connection with your employment on the ship. For this purpose, we will process all data that you submit to us, including, but not limited to, the following personal data: name, surname; position; address; E-mail address; Phone Number; work experience; bank details; data about your relatives; data about your qualifications, training and certificates; The data of your identity documents; data on your visas, etc.

The legal basis for the data processing is your consent and the deadline for processing is the entire period of time until your consent is valid. Your data included in our employee’s database and related to professional qualifications, completion of mandatory supplementary training courses, health document copies, information on the person’s work on ships and authenticity of professional qualification documents will be stored for 10 years and copy of employment contract will be stored for an indefinite period of time. We reserve the right to retain some of your data for a longer time period, if so required for the protection of our interests and rights related to claims, complaints against us, and for the fulfillment of the requirements of the regulatory enactments.

From which sources we collect your personal data?

We collect all your personal data only from you. You provide us with data directly, and we can obtain you personal data from your former employers and maritime administrations.

In what cases and to which recipients of data we will disclose your personal data?

We will transfer your personal data to: potential employers in order to enable them to evaluate your candidacy and approve you for work on board; maritime administrations for approval of documents; previous employers for approvals and characterisations; travel agents in order to provide access to the ship; service providers and relevant authorities for the issue of visas and other formalities related to travel and boarding.

We can transfer your data to the data recipients who help us to provide you with services. In each case, we only provide data controllers with the amount of data that is necessary for the performance of a particular task or for the provision of particular services. Our data controllers can only process your personal data according to our instructions and may not use it for any other purposes or transfer tour data to others without our consent. In addition, they have an obligation to ensure the protection of your data in accordance with the requirements of the applicable laws and regulations and the written agreement with us, which, among other things, provides for any irrevocable deletion of your data after the completion of our assignment or the termination of cooperation.

Data may also be passed on to competent authorities or law enforcement authorities, such as the police or supervisory authorities, but only in response to their requests and only if required in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, in the cases and according to the procedure specified by regulatory enactments.

In what territories and jurisdictions we process your personal data?

We process your personal data only in the territory of the European Union. We may transfer your data to countries that are not European Union and European Economic Area countries only if you have explicitly agreed to sending your personal data there, despite the fact that such transferring may pose risks to the protection of your data as in these areas The European Union Data Protection Regulation does not apply, as well as if such data transfer is required to fulfil an agreement between you and the company / ship-owner or in accordance with your pre-contractual request.

How secure is our data?

We respect your privacy, so the security of your personal data is our priority. We use the appropriate organisational and technical means to ensure the continued security of your personal data and the compliance of the data processing with the requirements of data protection laws and our internal regulations. We comply with the requirements of personal data protection laws and, in each data processing process, we take care to collect only the information necessary to achieve the goals set for data processing

What rights do you have provided by the data protection laws and how you can use them?

I am informed that I can withdraw consent at any time, as well as I have the right to request the Company to access, modify, delete, or restrict processing, the right to object to data processing, and the right to data portability. If you believe that the Company processes your data in violation of the requirements of the personal data protection laws, we invite you to contact the Company. However, if you believe that the Company does not take the necessary action, you have the right to submit a complaint to the supervising institution, which in the Republic of Latvia is the Data State Inspectorate (www.dvi.gov.lv).

In what ways can you contact us?

Our details as a data controller:

SIA WELL, registration number 40003065371, 45/47 Elizabetes Street, Riga, LV ‑1010.

Data Protection Specialist Contact Information:

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Postal address: 45/47 Elizabetes Street, Riga, LV ‑1010

Address the correspondence to: SIA WELL Data Protection Specialist.