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Our Policies


  • WELL Co. Ltd. offers crewing services based on the principles of STCW, SOLAS, Flag State, State legislation and Customer requirements.

  • WELL Co. Ltd commits to comply with the Quality Management System as per requirements of ISO 9001 (2008) and ILO MLC 2006.

  • No Fee is borne directly or indirectly by the Seafarers for their Recruitment / Employment in WELL Co. Ltd.

  • WELL Co. Ltd. does not prevent or deter Seafarers from gaining Employment in the Company.

  • WELL Co. Ltd. recruitment is carried out without any discrimination or bias due to race, sex, religion or social origin.

  • WELL Co. Ltd. protects the Seafarers right of Privacy, their Personal data maintained in the office is kept strictly confidential so much as necessary for employment and respond to officials.

  • WELL Co. Ltd conducts its service in order to reach the quality objectives established and reviewed on annual basis.

  • Customer’s satisfaction, continual improvement the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and the good name of WELL Co. Ltd. are the philosophy of each employee.



  • The safety and welfare of any person on board is of utmost importance to the company, both as a human being and as a professional seaman. The company entrust these men the responsibility to operate and maintain vessels according to national and international rules and regulations, the safety management system, to owners requirements and to our customers’ satisfaction.

  • All Seafarers employed shall have been suitably qualified, competent and will have completed appropriate & relevant level of training as required by STCW, the relevant flag administration in line with company requirements.



  • Seafarers employed by WELL Co. Ltd. on our Principal’s vessels should operate safely and with maximum concern for the environment. To this end, the use, sale or possession of illegal drugs; the misuse of legal drugs; and the immoderate or unauthorized use of alcohol are specifically forbidden onboard company vessels.

  • All crew members employed on Principal’s fleet will have to take a Drug & Alcohol test before joining the ship.

  • All crew members are subject to random drug & alcohol testing during the contract.